Kidney Corner is an Internet community dedicated to pediatric kidney disease.  From personal experience, we know that the kidneys can be confusing and having a child with kidney disease can be overwhelming.  Also, kidney diseases in children are relatively uncommon, so often families dealing with them may not know anyone else with this experience.  Our website, mailing list, Facebook page, and Twitter feed are all designed to help you learn about pediatric kidney disease and meet other people in similar situations.

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About Us
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 Google Groups

Our mailing list on Google Groups was the first venue for Kidney Corner and continues to be the most active part of the group.  The list is mainly for asking questions that come up in dealing with pediatric kidney disease.  We hope to encourage open discussion on the list, so subscriptions require approval.  We ask about your background and reasons for joining, and all legitimate reasons are welcome.


Kidney Corner is on Facebook!  Use our page to share updates, links, pictures, and other experiences from the pediatric kidney disease world.  Our page is open to anyone with an interest in the group, and we hope it can show the varied aspects of our stories.

On Twitter, we find and highlight news and updates from the larger worlds of nephrology, organ transplantation, pediatrics, and other areas that are important for children with kidney disease.  Anyone can follow us to keep up and learn more about the latest happenings in Kidney Corner.


We try not to be bossy, but there are a few policies that are essential for understanding Kidney Corner.

1)    Remember that Kidney Corner is an Internet community, not a place to receive actual health care, which means a few things.

•  Most of the posts on Kidney Corner come from personal experience rather than professional experience.  A few members have a professional background in health care, but they are not posting in a professional capacity.  That is, even if someone is a doctor, they're not your doctor through Kidney Corner.

•  Kidney Corner cannot be used to obtain information in an emergency.  Urgent concerns need to go directly to your medical team and not to Kidney Corner!

•  Finally, information shared on Kidney Corner does not have the same level of legal confidentiality that you have in your doctor's office, hospital, etc.

2)    We encourage open discussion and everyone is free to mention specific hospitals and doctors and positive and negative experiences with them.  However, any opinions are those of the person posting them and not necessarily the opinion of the group as a whole.  Of course, personal attacks ("flaming") or discriminatory remarks aren't acceptable and will be deleted.

3)    Announcements about research studies, experimental treatments, and commercial products must be specifically approved before posting.  Persons posting this information must provide evidence of Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval or other third-party review.  Kidney Corner does not endorse any specific treatments (whether traditional, investigational, or alternative) and please remember that there are no guarantees in medical treatment.

Thank you for your interest, and enjoy the site!  Please contact us with any comments or questions.